Sports Day 2019 at the St Catherine Infirmary


As part of the Local Government and Community Month’s activities, the St. Catherine Infirmary hosted its Annual Sports Day on Friday, November 29, 2019.
The day kicked off with a brief devotion, followed by staff members and residents barding in their colours singing and cheering for their respective houses. The houses represented were purple (royal), red (love), yellow (joy) and blue (peace).
It was an afternoon of fun, love and joy for the residents at the Infirmary. The able-bodied residents and staff competed in various activities and scored points for their respective houses. Yellow (joy) house came out the victor and red (love) house took second place.
The activities for the day were:
Walking race
Dress-up race
Lime and spoon race
Melon eating race
Potato race
Maths race
Domino competition
Bun eating contest
Mr. and Mrs. St. Catherine InfirmaryThe staff members who participated received certificates of participation and a cake was given to the winning house.
The Matron said that she was happy to see the residents competing all in the name of fun and enjoying themselves. She added that the activities were good for them, as it would improve their physical and mental well being. She then thanked everyone for their participation.