Sports Day at the Infirmary

Sports Day at the Infirmary 

Sports Day was a splendid occasion for residents and staff at the St. Catherine Infirmary on Friday, November 18.

Able-bodied residents and staff showcased their speed and agility in the common space prepared for the day’s events. 

Events included:
Bun eating contest
Potato race
Juice drinking
Lime and spoon
Walking race
Dress up race
Cheer leading competition
Dancing competition (and ) Mr. and Mrs. St. Catherine Infirmary. There was a competition between houses. Congratulations blue house for having emerged the winner.  Yellow house took second place, red house third and purple house fourth.

Here at the Infirmary, the residents are accustomed to having leisure and entertainment to lift their spirits from time to time, however, this is the first sports day they have ever had, said   Matron Keisha Miller-Wain. The events that took place and the level of participation, undoubtedly added more energy to this exciting day and I am beaming with satisfaction right now, she said. As for the residents, there is no doubt both their physical and mental strength will be enhanced and this is entirely good for them.  To add to that residents and staff had an opportunity to compete with each other all in the name of fun. 

We look forward to next year, all being well, the Matron said.