Inauguration of Councillors - St. Catherine Municipal Corporation

Inauguration of Councillors - St. Catherine Municipal Corporation
People's National Party Councillor for Greendale Division, Norman Scott was re-elected Chairman of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Spanish Town at the official ceremony held at the Corporations premises, Emancipation Square, Spanish Town on Thursday, December 08. This is his second consecutive term, having taken up office as Chairman and Mayor in 2012.
Principal Returning Officer for East St. Catherine Mrs. Sonia Nelson, who called the meeting to order, also guided Councillors into taking the oath of office. 
In his Mayoral address, Councillor Scott said all of us who have returned or newly elected, must continue to acknowledge that we are the people's representatives; we are not here on our own accord or for our own advancement.  He said some of us at times get boastful, but we should be reminded that we are here at the will of the people. He said his commitment as he accepts this investiture of mayorship, is to lead a Corporation on the tenet of fairness, balance boldness, and decisiveness.

Councillor for the Ginger Ridge Division, Ralston Wilson was re-elected Vice Chairman. He served in the same capacity from 2012 to present.
Among the specially invited guests were Members of Parliament Fitz Jackson, Colin Fagan, Joyce Denese Daley and Robert Pickersgill.
A total of (41) Councillor's were sworn in from divisions across the parish and the Municipality of Portmore.

Deputy Mayor Councillor Ralston Wilson