Youth Mayor 2014-2015

St. Catherine Parish Council Junior Council

Local Government Month 2014 culminated on a brilliant note on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 when the annual Junior Council Meeting was held in the Council’s Chamber and Friday November 28, 2014, when the St. Catherine Parish Council hosted its first Customer Appreciation Day.

Junior Council is established and supported by the Ministry of Local Government and is hosted by Parish Councils during the Local Government Month period  and runs for one year.  Junior Council is a replica of the Monthly General Council Meetings and is designed to help high school students to be aware of the daily running of the Council as it relates to representational matters.

The Junior Councillors are selected by Councillors to represent the respective divisions and each Council will be allocated One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) to undertake collectively, a project of their choice.
“I strongly believe this year is going to be a productive one and I am sure, like myself, my fellow Junior Councillors are looking forward to the project to be carried out”….the words of Youth Mayor, Sherry-Kay Jones from the Homestead Division in her opening remarks.

Eight (8) projects were recommended during the Junior Councillors deliberations. After the vote was cast, the project of choice was to renovate a Basic School.  Junior Councillors will amongst themselves identify a basic school in his/her division and submit for selection. The basic school most in need will be selected for the project to be carried out.