Youth Advisory Task Force

In previous years, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporaation (KSAC), has hosted students from various high schools across the Municipality as part of its Junior Council Forum. The series of activities served as a gesture to promote awareness among our youth on matters relevant to Local Government and their communities.

Although Local Government month is near its end, this is just the beginning as preparations are being made to implement the KSAC’s first ever Youth Advisory Task Force.

Her Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Angela Brown Burke, JP has announced her intention of inviting the establishment of a Youth Advisory Task Force to include youth representatives all under age twenty five (25) years old.

Their primary role is to advise the Council on issues affecting our youth population and how the KSAC can assist; whether through initiatives that are youth focused or adding its voice on an important issue that needs addressing.

This Task Force will also assist the KSAC in effectively engaging youth both as a Local Authority as well as in the Divisions. This new initiative will therefore foster closer collaboration and work relations with Councillors in terms of planning and executing projects, coordinating forums to address youth-related issues among other initiatives that will seek to promote youth development which is in keeping with one of our objectives which is to make Kingston a youth-friendly City.