Councillor for the Siloah division Mr. Audie Myers has been receiving an enormous amount accolades for the work in his division.
  The councillor, says the Sugar Transformation Unit has been doing a lot to improve education in the division.
  The councillor has reported that over the last six months several education institution have received assistance. Basic, Primary and High schools in all the communities in his division have received substantial assists. Bagdale Mountain, Thornton, Siloah, Providence and Appleton schools have received computers. And other equipments.   
 Upgrading work has also been done on some of the schools. These includes fencing, building multi-purpose court,
  At the end of August over 700 hundred students were presented hard cover and text books, as well as pencils, pens and other back to school materials.
   The councillor also reported that road improved work were also done on all the roads in his division.
  He says the Windsor road and Windsor street were repaired, as well as roads in Siloah, Thornton Spring, Bagdale Mountain and the break away in the Siloah Housing Scheme. He says they are much more work to be done. In terms of electricity, over ten km of electrical power lines have been erected to most of the area in his division.