Municipal Corporation Distances Itself from Wish List for Infirmary

The St. James Municipal Corporation is distancing itself from what has been described as a “Wish List” for the St. James Infirmary with an appeal for members of the public to make donations.

The “Wish List” which has been making the rounds on social media sites seeks to suggest that there are items which the St. James Infirmary needs. However, Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Homer Davis said the government continues to provide funding for the running of the Infirmary and any request for financial and other support must be done responsibly and with the full backing of the Corporation.    

Mayor Davis said there is a clear policy on how request for donations for the Infirmary are made and the channel through which these are accepted.

He said “the St. James Municipal Corporation is not against individuals and or groups seeking donations on behalf of the Infirmary. However, would encourage everyone to make contact with us before going to the public.  The St. James Municipal Corporation has nothing to do with this wish list and although we are making it clear that public support of the Infirmary is welcome, we have a strict policy on how this is done. Doing this on social media is not how we operate”.

In explaining the procedure to make donations to the Infirmary, Mayor Davis said “persons who feel the need to make a contribution to the Infirmary are urged to make contact with the St. James Municipal Corporation and they will be guided. We do have an Inspector of Poor who oversees at the facility and all donations must be coordinated through that office”.