Donors make a difference at St Elizabeth infirmary

The St Elizabeth Infirmary has had good reason to be grateful to donors including the charity group, Good Shepherd International.

According to Joycelyn Bryan, matron at the infirmary, the intuition has received a commercial washing machine and large quantities of adult diapers from Good Shepherd since May.

Acting on his own behalf, Bernet Spence a Miami-based member of Good Shepherd International has also donated an industrial blender, a pot and toiletries including soap and wash rages to the infirmary.

"These gifts have made a world of difference for us," Bryan told Observer Central.

There are now 56 residents at the St Elizabeth infirmary, Bryan said. She said the residents are mostly elderly males. The residents also include people who are physically and mentally disabled.

"I would say less than five per cent of the population are able bodied people so we need all the help we can get," said Bryan.

The infirmary falls under the supervision of the St Elizabeth Parish Council.