Clarendon Safe School Bus Service Rolls Out

Among the large number of proud local citizens who turned out to witness the historic roll-out of the Clarendon Safe School Bus Service on September 1, 2014 were councillors from the Clarendon Parish Council and senior management team including Secretary/Manager Rowhan Blake and Deputy Mayor Uphel Purcell.

Secretary/Manager Blake described the service as a phenomenal success and suggested that its expansion to other Clarendon schools should be actively pursued. Many of the students who were excited to take their first ride in the JUTC buses said the ride was comfortable and hassle-free. One student even remarked that she will now be able to catch up on her studies during the commute. 

The Clarendon Parish Council is hoping that with the introduction of its Safe School Bus Service, students will begin to demand a higher standard of service from all transport operators who convey them even when they are travelling outside of school.

The rural stage carriage operators who will eventually be offering the service are held to the Transport Authority’s standards which stipulate minimum requirements in relation to driver conduct and professionalism. These standards are sensitive to the need for student commuters to feel safe and be properly supervised.