St. James Poor Relief Department Helping With Housing

A Registered Poor from Bickersteth, St. James is the latest recipient of a one-bedroom housing unit which was funded from the St. James Municipal Corporation’s Poor Relief Department.
The unit, a wooden structure consisting of one bedroom and a verandah, is the second such housing unit constructed this year (2020) under the Poor Relief Housing
programme. Construction of the unit commenced on July 28, 2020 with support from members of the Bickersteth Church of God of Prophecy.
According to Inspector of Poor at the Municipal Corporation, Pauline Lecky, the registered poor person showed ‘great need for the house, as he had been living in deplorable conditions.’
“The gentleman is terminally ill, and has been living in what I would call a ‘shack’ on family land for some time now. The Poor Relief Officer that is responsible for his care under the programme highlighted the need for better living conditions and we did our research and commenced the procurement of material, while also seeking support for the construction of the house” said Lecky.
Lecky also stated that there are plans in place to provide the individual with toilet facilities to replace the structure that now exists on the property.
Pastor of the Bickersteth Church of God of Prophecy, Rupert Brown, along with six (6) members of the church were on hand to support the effort by providing labour.
“We were informed by a member of the congregation that the gentlemen needed help, and that the Municipal Corporation was providing the material. We came on board as we have done many times, for it is part of what we do, we always provide assistance anytime we can to help lift persons,” said Pastor Brown.
The Poor Relief Housing programme exists to support Registered Poor persons in dire need of housing or repairs to their home. Once the need is identified, investigations are done to determine the full extent of assistance required. The Poor Relief department may occasionally partner with other agencies to carry out projects under the programme.