Successful Property Tax Mobile Unit Collections - St. Catherine Municipal Corporation

Successful Property Tax Mobile Unit Collections - St. Catherine Municipal Corporation
The St. Catherine Municipal Corporation Property Tax Unit is comfortable with the revenue collected this time around at the mobile unit collections, held in Linstead, Old Harbour and Spanish Town, May 31, June 01, 02 and 03, 2017 respectively.        
According to Commercial Services   Manager Mr. Upton Fisher, a total of Three Million Three Hundred and Seventy Six Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Dollars ($3,376,287.48) was collected over the four day period and the team should be highly commended for this attempt.
Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr. Andre Griffiths said this Corporation strives to maintain improved property tax collection and enforcement within the parish and the efforts of the tax collection team must be applauded.
The St. Catherine Municipal Corporation lauds the Ministry of Local Government’s collaboration with Municipal Corporations and Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) to use the mobile unit to intensify the efforts of collecting outstanding property taxes not only in St. Catherine but across the island.
A reminder to all taxpayers paying at the mobile unit; payment options include debit and credit cards, and if you are paying by cheque, ensure you have your Tax Registration Number (TRN).
Payments may also be made at your nearest Tax Office, or outstations in your community or a community near you.  Outstation announcements are done via town cry, so listen out every month.
The St. Catherine Municipal Corporation implores all tenants, owners and occupiers of homes – avoid legal actions, pay your property taxes now!

Propert Tax Mobile Unit in Old Harbour

Councillor Sydney Rose of Treadways Division and Commercial Services Manager Upton Fisher

Property tax mobile Unit in Linstead

Property Tax Supervisor and his team in Linstead with the Proprerty Tax mobile Unit

Souvenirs were handed out to persons who paid their property taxes in Linstead, Spanish Town and Old Harbour