Motor Vehicle Clamping system for St. Elizabeth

Within the next three to four months, the St. Elizabeth Parish Council will be introducing a motor vehicle clamping system on the streets of the parish.
   The clamping system will be implemented in the three major towns;
Santa Cruz, Black River and Junction where there is congestion and taxi operators are refusing to use the designated transportation centres.
   Addressing the regular monthly meeting of the St. Elizabeth Parish
Council on Thursday, June 9, chairman of the council and mayor of Black
River councillor Everton Fisher said the plans to carry out the clamping at the three major transportation centres following the gazetting of the centres. He said this now gives the Parish Council and the police the authority to carry out anti-parking activities in the specified areas.
   Mayor Fisher also announced that in the interest of full cooperation and to ensure that all the stakeholders properly understand how the system will be implemented; the Council will be having meetings with the police and taxi operators before the project comes on stream.
   He stated that the council will be striving to move speedily to get the clamping systems underway and to put in place the no parking areas in the three towns.
   Mayor Fisher says the council is hoping that with the legislation in place and the support of the police, taxi operators and motorists generally, the congestion in the towns will be ease.