Clarendon Parish Council rewards top property tax-paying communities. Kellits, Inglewood, New Paisley and Lionel Town Housing Schemes benefit


Last month the communities of Kellits and Lionel Town were gifted $200,000 each and New Paisley and Inglewood $100,000 each by the Clarendon Parish Council for being the most compliant with their property tax payment.
The incentive was introduced by the Parish Council in a bid to improve compliance in all of its three Collectorates.

The communities have the opportunity to use the money to undertake an environmental or beautification project in their respective communities. New Paisley hopes to use the monies to offset the cost of establishing a netball court for residents.
The communities of Lionel Town and Kellits will be re-establishing green spaces while Inglewood will be undertaking some minor road repairs with the incentive.

The Parish Council plans to renew the reward annually as it strives to meet its target for property tax collection and improve its standing as the second worst performing parish in the 2015/2016 financial year when it collected only 71% of its target.