Labour Day 2019

Labour Day 2019
As usual, Labour Day was celebrated on Thursday May 23rd, and this year the Glade Community Centre in the Lauriston Division was selected as the Parish Project.
With preliminary works carried out a day before, the scope of work included bushing and cleaning, repairing facia board, removing and replacing rotten board ceiling, removing and replacing rotten boards and door jams, painting board doors and door jams both internal and external, painting of the entire building, painting of the perimeter wall and “Welcome” sign, and the removal and replacement of toilets and installation of electrical panels.
The work team included His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Norman Scott,  Chief Executive Officer of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation,
 Mr. Andre’ Griffiths, Councillor of the Lauriston Division, Keisha Lewis,  members of the Joint Civic Affairs Committee, members of the National Youth Service, staff of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation and persons from the community, which included children.
The day’s activities were halted by rain, however, much was accomplished.  It is anticipated that work will be completed before the end of the month.
The Corporation was assisted by the following sponsors: B-H Paints (WI) Limited, Kirk Distributors Ltd., Berger Paints Jamaica Limited, Omega Manufacturing Company Limited, Jamaica Broilers, Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd., Restaurants of Jamaica, Sherwin Williams, and Tradewinds Citrus Limited.