CEO of St James Municipal Corporation Encourages More Participation in Read Across Jamaica

St James Boss of the year and Chief Executive Officer of the St James Municipal Corporation, Gerald Lee shared his creative reading skills with students of the We Care Basic School in St James on May 7, 2019 for the observation of Read Across Jamaica Day.
Mr Lee who was eager to capture the imagination of the 3 year olds through reading, was met with wide-eyed curiosity of the Kindergarten students who were equally as excited to learn.
Each story that was read by the St. James Boss 2019 Boss of the Year was followed by questions which the brilliant students correctly answer, and in turn earning a reading book to take home. The School was also presented with a reading book to add to its collection.
Mr Lee shared that he was elated to lend his support to the basic school which is only a stone’s throw from the St James Municipal Corporation.

Reading is fun! St James Boss of the year 2019 and CEO of the St James Municipal Corporation, Gerald Lee (standing) reads a bible story to the spell-bound 3 year old Kindergarten students of the We Care Basic School in the parish. Mr Lee was participating in Read Across Jamaica Day which was observed on Tuesday May 7, 2019.
He said “the experience was a great one as it provides the perfect opportunity to instil the importance and the joy of learning from a tender age”, adding that “Read Across Jamaica Day is an excellent initiative to interact with the nation's children.
“I am encouraging others to participate in this initiative as it is an excellent way to contribute to the cognitive and creative development of our future generation”, Mr Lee stated.

The gift of reading: Chief Executive Officer at the St James Municipal Corporation, Mr Gerald Lee gifted a kindergarten student of We Care Basic School with a book for her keen participation in the question and answer segment which followed the reading exercise. The student who was overjoyed started reading the book immediately.

Read Across Jamaica is an initiative of the Ministry of Education which allows children in schools across Jamaica to share in the joys of reading, through exhibitions and executions of different reading strategies, to assist with creating an interaction with text that may be above their independent reading levels.