Increased Security at the St. Mary Infirmary following the alleged sexual assualt of a female resident

The February 10, 2014 alleged sexual assault of a 59 year old female resident of the St. Mary Infirmary sparked alarm, outrage and heated discussions across the Island.

Reports are that the prime suspect said to be a 29 year old male resident of Bailey’s Vale, Port Maria entered the Infirmary’s compound through a breech in the perimeter fencing.

As investigation into the matter continues, the perpetrator who underwent psychiatric evaluation was subsequently charged and offered bail in the amount of $300,000.00 when he appeared at the Resident Magistrate Court, Port Maria on April 10, 2014.

Subsequent to his bail hearing, the suspect was asked by the court to relocate to a district in St. Ann, he is also  to report to the Bamboo Police Station daily. The case is set for mention on August 14, 2014.

Following the incident, the Minister of Local Government, the Honorable Noel Arscott allotted funds to the St. Mary Parish Council which oversees the operation of the Infirmary, to improve the Security of the Infirmary’s compound.

The  broken-down perimeter fencing, donated in 2010 by the European Union has since been rectified; the main gate has been upgraded,   the compound is  also to be lit with the installation of several flood lamps, additional internal control measures have also been implemented.