No Usual Day at Spanish Town Infirmary

It was not the usual drab day at the Spanish Town Infirmary on Saturday, April 16, 2016; instead, outside of the daily infrastructural works being carried out there for the past months, the premises came alive with additional activities.

First time volunteers from Westmore Gardens Citizens Association in Spanish Town, were out in their numbers to render assistance whilst grooming and sprucing up male and female residents, as many as they could on the various wards. 

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the sweet aroma from the very large pot of chicken soup filled the air as members of the Lions Club of St. Catherine Central took charge to ensure that the residents got their bowl of soup for lunch by noon.

In the recreation area, class was in session as several patient care and ward assistants listened to information and saw demonstrations on first aid skills and techniques.  The tips and demonstrations were carried out by Mr. Orville Lee.  Mr. Lee is a renowned Emergency Operations volunteer, trained and certified medical first responder, and Managing Director of Gentle Care Ambulance.

The Spanish Town infirmary continues to cater to the needs of persons who are classified as Indoor Poor and provides total care for ‘residents’ who are considered wards of the state.