Lease of the Bog Walk and Ewarton Markets


The St. Catherine Municipal Corporation is inviting applications for the Lease of Bog Walk and Ewarton Markets as under:

Markets                 Address                                                    Property sizes
Bog Walk             Main Street. Bog Walk, St. Catherine           1138sq. meters             
Ewarton                Ewarton P.O., St. Catherine                         2478.7 sq. meters

Interested applicants are being instructed as follows:
Submit application in writing along with business proposal and financial statement
Copies of TRN and National Identification; if you are a business/company please submit your business/company’s Registration Certificate. 
All Applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked LEASE and the market of interest.
Submit your application to the St.  Catherine Municipal Corporation’s Registry (upstairs, Administration offices) no later than Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at or before 5:00pm.Please visit the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation’s offices at Emancipation Square, Spanish Town, or call 876-984-3111-2 for further details   
Andre Griffiths
Chief Executive Officer
St. Catherine Municipal Corporation