St Catherine Primary School visits the Infirmary

St. Catherine Primary School visits the Spanish Town Infirmary

With Easter less than a week away, the residents of the Spanish Town Infirmary got an early treat from students of the St. Catherine Primary School, Tuesday, March 22, 2016. St. Catherine Primary is located at 34 White Church Street, Spanish Town.
The group of students from grade 6 not only went with the intent of offering bun and cheese to the residents but they eagerly expressed themselves in song as they moved from ward to ward and sang.

 “The St. Catherine Primary School has always had a strong relationship with the Spanish Town Infirmary over the years. This is my eighth year as guidance counselor and to my understanding this has been happening long before I came into the system, and it warms my heart to see this level of kindheartedness and thoughtfulness expressed to these elderly persons in state care” said Ms. Dorothy Anderson, Guidance Counselor.  

Matron of the Infirmary, Mrs. Keisha Miller-Wain said indeed it was a good move for the school to come in to interact with the elderly and extend kind gestures to them, especially at such a youthful age. She said various schools have come in from time to time to feed, groom and/or offer support to the residents. She was of the view that it was a heart-warming gesture which also gave students a completely different approach and mindset of the elderly, seeing them here”.

The Spanish Town Infirmary located at 13 Monk Street, Spanish Town provides accommodation for elderly persons deemed to be abandoned by relatives, or have no access to formal living accommodations.