St Catherine Tsunami Drill Exercise


The St Catherine Parish Council in collaboration with the ODPEM conducted the ‘first of its kind’ Tsunami Drill exercise in Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine on Thursday February 26, 2015.

The drill was executed with over 25 local and international response agencies, including media houses. The St. Catherine Parish Council Emergency Operations Team, Councillors and other volunteers were also out in their numbers.
A host of participants from within the immediate Old Harbour Bay community and environs also participated in the event. It was a moment of “dropping everything and running for dear life”.  A bride for example left her husband at the altar to save her life.
School was in session at the Old Harbour Primary School and which was the assembly point for refuge, debriefing and evaluation, subsequent to the exercise.
Outside of a few glitches, the exercise was rated as fairly good by Management, and observers.

A Tsunami is a series of waves generated by an underwater disturbance, such as an earthquake. Waves will travel outward from the area of disturbance, inn all directions like ripples produced by throwing a rock into a pond. As the waves approach the shallow coastal water, they appear normal and the speed decreases. When the tsunami reaches near the coastline however, it may grow to a great height and smash into the shore causing great damage.
St. Catherine Parish Council Disaster Preparedness Unit continues in its effort to help YOU to be prepared and stay prepared.