Local Sustainable Development Programme (LSDP) and Team


As part of the project methodology and execution process and in accordance with the Project Implementation Plan, the LSDP Project Secretariat has now entered the second phase of the project. The second phase will cover the following activities:

Situational Gap Analysis
Data Collection
Visioning Workshops
Project Area Profile (Parish Profile)
First Draft
Local Area Plans
Second Draft
Early Action Projects 

As per the project budget, data collection and research analysis accounts for 63% of the budget. In an effort to operate within the project budget, assistance was sought of the National Youth Service (NYS). The NYS responded favourably by providing the Secretariat with ten (10) Volunteers. The Volunteers are instrumental to the success of the project as it hinges heavily on data collection throughout the parish in the twelve (12) growth centers and their environs such as Spanish Town, Above Rocks, Bog Walk, Linstead, Lluidas Vale, Ewarton, Old Harbour, Old Harbor Bay, Point Hill, Glengoffe, Riversdale and Guys Hills. They will be engaged in the land use survey.  Data collection is expected to be completed by December 2014.
Additionally, two (2) past Interns of the Parish Development Committee (PDC) programme who have completed the Urban and Regional Planning Degree at UTECH have also been engaged as Planner Volunteers and will lend support to the project during visioning workshops, parish profile and up to the production of the first draft.
All Volunteers are from the parish of St. Catherine.