The St. Mary Parish Council met with residents of Grants Town on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at a community meeting that was convened by the Council.
Roadways in, and leading to the community was severally scoured by heavy rainfall which affected the Parish in December 2014. Sections of the community also experienced land slippages.
Residents of the community, expressed that they have been neglected by their political representatives, they said the situation which presently exists in their community has become unbearable and asked for urgent attention and action from their Political representatives. The area is shared by Councillors Bruce Farrell and Trecia Harris Smiley and Members of Parliament Dr. Morais Guy and Mr. Joylan Silvera.
In addressing the gathering, Member of Parliament Mr. Joylan Silvera assured the Residents that he is doing all he can to improve the situation in the area, he informed the residents of numerous rehabilitative works that are slated to commence soon.
Chairman of the St. Mary Parish Council, Mayor Levan Freeman informed the residents that a study was done by the Mines and Geology Division in an effort to try and determine the causes of the numerous land slippages being experienced by the community. He also spoke on major relocation plans currently being pursued by Member of Parliament Dr. Morais Guy and the St. Mary Parish Council.
Present at the meeting were Member of Parliament Mr. Joylan Silvera, a team from the St. Mary Parish Council headed by Mayor Levan Freeman, representatives from the Mines and Geology Division, representatives from the National Works Agency, The Superintendent of Police, Representatives of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority and the Social Development Commission.