St. James Residents Respond Favourably To Property Tax Payment Plan

Scores of St. James residents responded favorably to the property tax payment plan which formed a large part of the promotion being pushed by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development’s Mobile Property Tax Unit which was in the parish between January 13 and 15, 2021.

The property tax mobile unit which was stationed in Maroon Town, Sam Sharpe Square and Meadows of Irwin during the three-day span, saw an outpour of residents who took advantage of the payment plan option, which seeks to provide financial relief to property owners while encouraging them to make payments according to an agreed payment plan.

Recognizing the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on members of the public, the St. James Property Tax Compliance team saw the need to further promote the payment plan option which was already a featured service of the Tax Administration of Jamaica.

According to Regional Manager for the Local Government Tax Unit, Wendye Smith-Peterkin, the property tax team has experienced another successful run of tax promotion in the parish, owing to the large turnout of residents at all three locations.

“We are very pleased with the turnout this year and we are particularly grateful to those who came out and took advantage of the payment plan, buying into our tag line: Paying a little means a lot if an arrangement is attached,” stated Smith-Peterkin.

She also added, “not only have they showed up to take advantage of the payment plan option but most residents from the Maroon Town community paid for both the current year and the upcoming 2021-2022 financial year.”

A resident of Maroon Town is assisted by staff of the St. James Municipal Corporation's Public Relation's Unit, Margaret Treleven, as he completes property tax payments on January 13, 2021. 

Citing their appreciation for the outstation, residents of Maroon Town and Meadows of Irwin did not hesitate to highlight how the mobile unit has addressed several of their concerns, especially as it related to the journey into Montego Bay and their fear of Covid-19.

Robert McGhie, a resident who took advantage of the property tax payment plan, voiced his satisfaction of the experience at the property tax outstation.

“I have to thank the tax team because the mobile unit is very convenient and saves me a lot of time. I would definitely encourage others to make use of payment plan because it is an opportunity to pay whatever little they have,” stated McGhie.

He further added “it is nice to know that the government can do something like this to assist persons who cannot pay a lump sum all at once.” 

The promotional Property Tax Outstations form part of the collaborative approach of the St. James Municipal Corporation and the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) to bring awareness to the public on the importance of paying property taxes.