The Planning Department

Mission Statement

To provide excellent customer service and to facilitate the parish and the community in preparing and implementing development plans and policies to encourage planning principles that promote rational social, economical and environmentally efficient use of land, now and for generations to come.

  • To develop and implement appropriate policies, guidelines and systems for sustainable development planning & control so as to ensure the effective, efficient and responsive delivery of service.
  • To establish mechanisms to foster greater community participation to achieve consensus in the development application processes.
  • To develop the capacity and capability of the Planning Department to effectively manage the planning affairs of the Council & the parish.
  • To ensure an open & impartial development application process in which valued & respected professionals deliver high quality services efficiently in order to safeguard the public’s interest.
  • To increase the public’s awareness of the role & value of an efficient & the effectiveness of the development application processes.
  • To create & implement a detailed plan for the parish of St. Ann, complimented with laws, which would result in sustainable growth & development of the parish.


  • Coordinates with internal and external Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) that deal with land matters to effect timely processing of development applications and acts as a liaison with clients.
  • Provides guidance to prospective developers on the proper development of land, land use and building construction.
  • Assess, & analyze development applications and advise on feasibility & fees.
  • Receive complaints in relation to buildings, subdivision & other development applications * route to the appropriate department for investigation.
  • Preparation of Stop & Enforcement Notices under the Town & Country Planning Act.
  • Inspect & assess applications under the Restrictive Covenants (Discharge & Modification) Act.
  • Monitors developments to ensure that they comply with building, planning & environmental laws & regulations.
  • Liaise with MDAs with responsibly for land development & planning in order to keep abreast of Central Government developments and or strategic planning initiatives which may impact on the local authority’s jurisdiction.
  • Formulate & implements the Local Sustainable Development Plan.
  • Facilitates and guides the general public through all land use, property development and building construction processes.

Legislative FrameworkThe Planning Department is guided by and administers the following:

  • Parish Councils Building Act
  • Parish Councils Building (St. Ann) By-Laws
  • Town & Country Planning Act
  • Town & Country Planning (St. Ann Parish) Confirmed Development Order
  • Local Improvements Act & its  regulations
  • Town & Country Planning (Control of Advertisement Regulations)
  • Restrictive Covenants (Discharge & Modification) Act

Other major policy document — Development & Investment Manual.

Inter-Agency Liaison

Depending on the nature and type of development, an application is referred to one or more of the following MDAs for comments and recommendations:

  • Roads & Works Department
  • Health Department.
  • Fire Department
  • National Environment & Planning Agency.
  • Town & Country Planning Authority
  • National Works Agency
  • Jamaica Bauxite Institute
  • Water Resources Authority
  • Mines & Geology Division (Ministry of Mining & Energy)
  • Rural Physical Planning Division ( Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries)
  • National Water Commission
  • Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM)

Types of Applications

There are various applications dealt with by the Department.  These are classified based on the type of application and how far along you are in your concept:-

  • · Buildings (Construction, modification, repair, change of use, change of roof)
  • · Subdivisions
  • · Advertisements (Permanent/ 2 year)
  • · Telecommunication Towers
  • · Discharge or modification of Restrictive Covenants.

Categories of Applications
The above types of applications can further be broken down into the following categories:

  • · Enquiry/Determination
  • · Outline
  • · Full/Detail
  • · Change of Use
  • · Retention of Use/Retrospective
  • · Temporary

Documents Required for Submission
For each of the type and category of applications, there are specific documents to be submitted and procedure invloved  Contact the Department for this information.

General Information
The Planning Department is mandated to ensure that all development across the parish happens according to the policies, legislations and guidelines set down by the government; be in line with the guidelines set by the Ministries/Departments/Agencies that deal with land matters and facilitate communities in their endeavours.
Before you begin any development, consult the Planning Department to ensure compliance to all building, planning, environmental and other legal provisions for the parish of St. Ann.